eeMee - WeeWorld, Inc.

WeeMee® Avatar Creator was built in partnership with Novoda for WeeWorld. You can create avatars of yourself, your friends, or anyone you want! Select from hundreds of items to cu
stomise and create avatars in thousands of variations.

Saved WeeMees can be assigne
d to contacts so that th
ey show on the 
screen when that contact call. You can
use the in built gal
lery to view and edit saved WeeMees.


Ionic Live Wallpaper

Ionic Live Wallpaper is a colourful and hypnotic live wallpaper that simulates the field lines between ions.

Inspired by the amazing work at reallyslick!

This live wallpaper is designed to be useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. See the field lines go electric when you receive an SMS message or a missed call. You can choose from a selection of colour themes for the electric notifications.

The colour of the field lines can also be set to turn red when your battery level is low, and green when the device is recharging.
Power Cells Live Wallpaper

Power Cells Live Wallpaper is designed to give you feedback on your current battery level while presenting a beautiful shimmering backdrop for your home screen.

Each cell randomly animates through the colour spectrum, and disappears when touched. Cells then grow back at a rate related to your battery power level. So if your devices battery is fully charged, then the cells grow back quickly, but if the battery level is low you will notice larger dark areas where touched cells are taking longer to grow back, giving you a subtle and intuitive feedback while navigating your home screen.

When your battery level is very low all the cells animate around the red spectrum as a warning, and when recharging they shimmer in the green spectrum.

You can select from different themes through the wallpapers settings to suit your mood!

Unit Converter
A simple unit converter tool, which is quick and easy to use. Converts over 600 units in 15 categories.

Supports: Length, weight, volume, area, speed, angles, torque, temperature, pressure, illuminance, sound, energy, time, IT, and currency.

Completely re-skinned/re-themed to have it's own visually appealing user interface.